About Us

Circle of Life was founded in 1999 by Julia Butterfly Hill and a group of forest activists in Humboldt County, California. For its first 10 years, Circle of Life operated and produced cutting-edge speaking tours, eco friendly events, classroom visits, workshops, training programs and much more, all with the goal of teaching people how to live more compassionately and with a lighter footprint on the earth.

Starting in the late 2000s, Circle of Life began supporting and incubating grassroots projects, some of which remain fiscally-sponsored projects of Circle of Life, and some of which have since spun off into their own successful organizations.

Circle of Life continues to be a platform for the message of Julia Butterfly Hill and Luna tree sit, including serving as a home for Julia’s current activism and artistic endeavors.

Ina Pockrass, Board Chair

Davy Davidson, Secretary

Milena Fraccari, Vice Chair

Alissa Hauser, Managing Director & Treasurer

Julia Hill, Strategic & Program Advisor

Maureen Miller, Finance & Operations