Foodshed cultivates equity by aggregating local produce from small, regenerative farms in San Diego County and distributing it to people who are committed to food justice and/or negatively impacted by inequities in our food system.

Foodshed is not your typical farm to table operation. We are farmers, eaters, and entrepreneurs taking action to co-create a viable and equitable local food system. We are a movement, an opportunity for meaningful change, and a hope for a healthier future. Foodshed is 100% farmer-owned and operated. Across the modern food system, fewer than 15-cents per “food dollar” is actually paid to the farmers who grow our food. The rest is spent on packaging, marketing, transportation, and retail – concentrating wealth within corporations rather than communities.

Foodshed is changing this paradigm through three strategies: 80% of each “food dollar” spent at Foodshed goes to the farmer ($.80/dollar). 5% of all sales go towards regenerative agriculture research and project implementation ($.05/dollar). If any profit is earned on the remaining 15% that stays within Foodshed, it is paid back to farmers through profit sharing at the end of each year ($.15/dollar). We support these strategies with grassroots donations and grants from private foundations or local/state/tribal/federal governments that help to offset costs like planning, infrastructure, and farmer-to-farmer mentorship.