Circle of Life was founded in 1999 by Julia Butterfly Hill and a group of forest activists in Humboldt County, California. For its first 10 years, Circle of Life operated and produced cutting-edge speaking tours, eco friendly events, classroom visits, workshops, training programs and much more, all with the goal of teaching people how to live more compassionately and with a lighter footprint on the earth.

Starting in the late 2000s, Circle of Life began supporting and incubating grassroots projects, some of which remain fiscally-sponsored projects of Circle of Life, and some of which have since spun off into their own successful organizations. 

Circle of Life continues to be a platform for the message of Julia Butterfly Hill and Luna tree sit, including serving as a home for Julia’s current activism and artistic endeavors.  

For startup or small projects that do not have their own 501c3 designation from the IRS, Circle of Life can help you!

We provide fiscal sponsorships to a wide range of charitable projects. Circle of Life can serve as your fiscal agent so your project is able to accept grants and other tax-deductible contributions.