Our Projects

Foodshed cultivates equity by aggregating local produce from small, regenerative farms in San Diego County and distributing it to people who are committed to food justice and/or negatively impacted by inequities in our food system.

Seed Stewards is a program of Second Generation, a collaborative of Asian-American farmers, working to preserve and evolve heritage plants, while inviting our community to lift up our narratives around Asian crops and their foodways.

Black to Yoga exists to bring the transformational power of yoga to Black people of the Afrikan Diaspora.
We seek to develop a deeper representation of Black yogis within the larger yoga community, both as teachers as well as students.

Solidarity Farm is a cooperative family farm privileged to steward land owned by the Pauma Band of Luiseno Indians.  We grow a diversity of seasonal fruits and vegetables on 10 acres and strive to integrate regenerative methods that sequester carbon and build healthy soil.

The NO AWAY project is taking items that might otherwise be thrown away, and redirecting them into meeting the needs of houseless people who are also part of what many people in our society want to see as “away.”

A collective of designers who are passionate about supporting the people and organizations that make a positive difference in the world.

Circle of Life offers ongoing strategic, programmatic and fundraising support to a range of organizations and projects.  Our experienced team of consultants is occasionally available for new projects as bandwidth and budget allow. If you have a social change effort and are seeing support with any of the following needs, please feel free to reach out.